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The Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles has informed us that you are the last registered owner of the vehicle described in the certified letter. As the owner of this vehicle, you are responsible for all accrued towing and storage charges from the time the vehicle enters our lot.

Failure to claim your vehicle within thirty (30) days from the date it was towed or fifteen (15) days from receipt of the notice and make payment of all fines and fees shall be deemed a waiver by you of all rights, title and interest in the property and shall constitute consent to the sale of all property at the auction date listed on your letter.

Even if the vehicle is sold at auction, you will still be responsible for all unpaid charges less the amount recovered by us at auction.

Your vehicle may only be released to you upon completion of a successful appeal or payment of all fines and fees. If you have previously sold this vehicle and it has not been retitled, you may be released from liability if you can produce a Bill of Sale that was executed prior to the day your vehicle was towed.

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